Going to Edinburgh

I cannot wait I am going to Edinburgh next month. The one place I really want to go to is Edinburgh Castle. Looking forward to hearing about the Wars of Independence. Then to the Great Hall. As it was told to me it was completed in 1511 for King James IV (too bad he was killed 2 years later at the battle of Flodden. I will for sure go to see the Lochaber axe. The one item I really want to see is The Stone Of Destiny. As it has been told it was used as a pillow Patriarch Jacob and during that time he saw Jacobs Ladder. It was built into a throne and removed and then appeared again. I know it is just a stone but it has been in countless ceremonies throughout the years.

After I go to see those I am off to see Mons Meg. When it was built it was ahead of its time and could launch cannon balls 2 miles away. It was used for 90 years. It is a massive weapon. Hopefully I can make it by 1 p.m. to hear the One O’clock Gun. It started it’s use in 1861 and is still used today. After that I am going to the Prisons Of War as it is told the first prisoners were French men captured in 1758 right after the start of the Seven Year War. In 1720 or so 21 pirates from Caribbean area were hung below the high water mark.

I am sure that we will go to the National War Museum and Scottish National War Memorial after but above are the places that I really want to go to and to see. I have to give thanks to Tracie. She gave me the idea of going here and gave me some of the great places to see when I am there. If you are wanting to buy a home and need a real estate agent please go see her after all she gave me help on this post. Her website is http://yourazhomepro.com or you can go see her on her facebook page.

I will post once I get back and will tell everybody how it went!